Real Money circa 1932

Real Money circa 1932

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Dave Ramsey et al

Dave Ramsey's programs differ a little from Till Debt Do Us Part of Gail Vaz-Oxlade, but they go the same place.  I have folks who have successfully followed Dave's programs as well DAVE RAMSEY LINK
as well as those who use some parts of both.  I'd care not as long as you get
MONEY SAVVY, and MA$TER Your MONEY ®, which is what I am here for as well as helping  you neutralize the nasty habits and trick that you have been marketed into, that enable financial parasites to latch on to you.   For example, that is one Canadian Bank that loves to advertise "Your Richer Than You Think", which to means, if you take that advice, well, "The Qwker you SINK".

     By now I hope everyone has mastered Spreetsheets.  If not I'd advise you consider the Open Source Software at OPEN OFFICE < - Link 
for me, its great cause its free going in and updates are always free.  The spreadsheets can be as simple or complex as you may like.

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Objective #1 - Handle your money like a business. Obj.#2 - Understand Money like a pro.

Now doesn't sound wonderul.  Perhaps easy too.  After all "All ya gotta do is....".

That has to be phrase and cliche that sends chills down your spine, like the cliche "BUY NOW PAY LATER", which should really be "BUY NOW, PAY FOREVER".

   For Objective #1, I like to refer to some shows on TV, now on Youtube, that my family and I like a lot, namely "Til Debt Do Us Part",  <- Link here.  Its upbeat, it's savvy, and the host does a good job.  Blunt to a fault, the program airs a lot of truths the subjects have avoided, which all contribute to the position they find themselves in, so understandably, there are detractors.  For sure, if you don't want to hear the truth, just leave it right there.

   For Objective #2, Understanding Money Like a Pro, I'll be working to illustrate, why we so easily find ourselves in situations miring us in debt. 
"Managing Money Might As Well be Rocket Science" is my motto.   Given that there are 6 major corps that control 90% of the media output in North America at any given time, is it any wonder that we are fed a diet of Finance Fake News that encourages us to feed at the trough of Financial Junk Food?  In My Opinion we get sold on every scheme that comes down the pike, so we swallow it hook line and sinker, and we get anesthized and accustomed to financial predators and parasites feeing off our funds daily, from the debt card fees, to 30% interest rates on Credit Card Cash Advances, to 47% APR's on Qwk Loans, and 86%+ interest rates on PayDay loans.   After awhile, your local loan shark begins to look good compared to these guys.